Load a Custom Indicator from a Module File

Helper for loading derived Indicators from a local module file

analysis_engine.indicators.load_indicator_from_module.load_indicator_from_module(module_name, ind_dict, path_to_module=None, log_label=None, base_class_module_name='BaseIndicator', verbose=False)[source]

Load a custom indicator from a file

  • module_name – string name of the indicator module use in to load the module
  • path_to_module – optional - path to custom indicator file (default is to use the analysis_engine.indicators.base_indicator.BaseIndicator or if set the ind_dict['module_path'] value)
  • ind_dict – dictionary of keyword arguments to pass to the newly created derived Indicator’s constructor
  • log_label – optional - log tracking label for helping to find this indicator’s logs (if not set the default name is the module_name string value)
  • base_class_module_name – optional - string name for using a non-standard indicator base class
  • verbose – optional - bool for more logging (default is False)