FinViz API

Fetch a FinViz Screener and Convert it to a List of Tickers

Supported Fetch calls

  • Convert a FinViz Screener URL to a list of tickers.
analysis_engine.finviz.fetch_api.fetch_tickers_from_screener(url, columns=['ticker_id', 'ticker', 'company', 'sector', 'industry', 'country', 'market_cap', 'pe', 'price', 'change', 'volume'], as_json=False, soup_selector='td.screener-body-table-nw', label='fz-screen-converter')[source]

Convert all the tickers on a FinViz screener url to a pandas.DataFrame. Returns a dictionary with a ticker list and DataFrame or a json-serialized DataFrame in a string (by default as_json=False will return a pandas.DataFrame if the returned-dictionary['status'] == SUCCESS

Works with urls created on:

import analysis_engine.finviz.fetch_api as fv

url = (
res = fv.fetch_tickers_from_screener(url=url)
  • url – FinViz screener url
  • columns – ordered header column as a list of strings and corresponds to the header row from the FinViz screener table
  • soup_selectorbs4.BeautifulSoup.selector string for pulling selected html data (by default td.screener-body-table-nw)
  • as_json – FinViz screener url
  • label – log tracking label string