Source code for analysis_engine.indicators.load_indicator_from_module

Helper for loading derived Indicators from a local module file

import os
import inspect
import types
import importlib.machinery
import uuid
import analysis_engine.consts as ae_consts
import analysis_engine.indicators.base_indicator as base_indicator
import spylunking.log.setup_logging as log_utils

log = log_utils.build_colorized_logger(name=__name__)

[docs]def load_indicator_from_module( module_name, ind_dict, path_to_module=None, log_label=None, base_class_module_name='BaseIndicator', verbose=False): """load_indicator_from_module Load a custom indicator from a file :param module_name: string name of the indicator module use in to load the module :param path_to_module: optional - path to custom indicator file (default is to use the ``analysis_engine.indicators.base_indicator.BaseIndicator`` or if set the ``ind_dict['module_path']`` value) :param ind_dict: dictionary of keyword arguments to pass to the newly created derived Indicator's constructor :param log_label: optional - log tracking label for helping to find this indicator's logs (if not set the default name is the ``module_name`` string value) :param base_class_module_name: optional - string name for using a non-standard indicator base class :param verbose: optional - bool for more logging (default is ``False``) """ default_base_module_path = ae_consts.INDICATOR_BASE_MODULE_PATH # modules need custom names to prevent # runtime collisions/module stomping # this allows building multiple indicator objects # that use the same filename but in different # locations on disk use_module_name = ( f'{module_name}_{str(uuid.uuid4())[0:8].replace("-", "")}') use_log_label = log_label if not use_log_label: use_log_label = use_module_name if not path_to_module: path_to_module = ind_dict.get( 'module_path', None) if 'verbose' not in ind_dict: ind_dict['verbose'] = verbose if not path_to_module: return base_indicator.BaseIndicator( config_dict=ind_dict, name=use_log_label, path_to_module=default_base_module_path) if not os.path.exists(path_to_module): raise Exception( f'{use_module_name} - did not find Indicator module at ' f'path={path_to_module} please confirm the file exists on disk ' 'and if you are using a container, confirm it is ' 'accessible within the container') loader = importlib.machinery.SourceFileLoader( use_module_name, path_to_module) custom_indicator_module = types.ModuleType( loader.exec_module( custom_indicator_module) found_base_object = False class_member_in_module = None for member in inspect.getmembers(custom_indicator_module): if module_name in str(member): found_base_object = True class_member_in_module = member break # for all members in this custom module file if not found_base_object: raise Exception( f'{use_module_name} load_indicator_from_module error - ' f'did not find Indicator with base class={base_class_module_name} ' f'from module at path={path_to_module} - please confirm ' 'the file has just one class that ' 'inherits from the base Indicator class: ' 'analysis_engine.indicators.base_indicator.BaseIndicator ' 'and try again') err = ( f'{use_module_name} load_indicator_from_module error - ' 'unable to find custom indicator derived from ' f'module={base_class_module_name} at file path={path_to_module}') if path_to_module: err = ( f'{use_module_name} load_indicator_from_module error - ' 'analysis_engine.indicators.base_indicator.BaseIndicator ' 'was unable to find custom Indicator ' f'module={custom_indicator_module} with provided path to \n ' f'file: {path_to_module} \n' '\n' 'Please confirm ' 'that the class inherits from the BaseIndicator ' 'class like:\n' '\n' 'import analysis_engine.indicators.base_indicator ' 'as base_ind\n' 'class MyIndicator(base_ind.BaseIndicator):\n' '\n' 'If it is then please file an issue on github:\n ' '' 'issues/new \n\nFor now this error results in a shutdown' '\n') log.error(err) raise Exception(err) # end of if did not find the module with the correct Base Class if ind_dict.get('verbose', False): f'load - custom indicator module={use_module_name} ' f'from file={path_to_module} member={class_member_in_module}') ind = class_member_in_module[1]( config_dict=ind_dict, name=use_log_label, path_to_module=path_to_module) if ind_dict.get('verbose', False): f'ready - custom indicator={ind.__class__.__name__} from ' f'module={use_module_name} from file={path_to_module} ' f'member={class_member_in_module}') return ind
# end of load_indicator_from_module