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#!/usr/bin/env python


**Stock Analysis Command Line Tool**

1) Get an algorithm-ready dataset

- Fetch and extract algorithm-ready datasets
- Optional - Preparing a dataset from s3 or redis. A prepared
  dataset can be used for analysis.

2) Run an algorithm using the cached datasets

- Coming Soon - Analyze datasets and store output (generated csvs)
  in s3 and redis.
- Coming Soon - Make predictions using an analyzed dataset

**Supported Actions**

#.  **Algorithm-Ready** Datasets

    Algo-ready datasets were created by the Algorithm Extraction API.

    You can tune algorithm performance by deriving your own algorithm
    from the `analysis_engine.algo.BaseAlgo <ht
    analysis_engine/>`__ and then loading the dataset from
    s3, redis or a file by passing the correct arguments.

    Command line actions:

    - **Extract** algorithm-ready datasets out of redis to a file


            sa -t SPY -e ~/SPY-$(date +"%Y-%m-%d").json

    - **View** algorithm-ready datasets in a file


            sa -t SPY -l ~/SPY-$(date +"%Y-%m-%d").json

    - **Restore** algorithm-ready datasets from a file to redis

        This also works as a backup tool for archiving an entire
        single ticker dataset from redis to a single file. (zlib compression
        is code-complete but has not been debugged end-to-end)


            sa -t SPY -L ~/SPY-$(date +"%Y-%m-%d").json

        .. warning:: if the output redis key or s3 key already exists, this
            process will overwrite the previously stored values

#.  **Run an Algorithm**

    Please refer to the `included Minute Algorithm <
    Traders/stock-analysis-engine/blob/master/analysis_engine/mocks/e>`__ for an up to date reference.


        sa -t SPY -g /opt/sa/analysis_engine/mocks/


import os
import sys
import datetime
import argparse
import celery
import analysis_engine.consts as ae_consts
import analysis_engine.run_custom_algo as run_custom_algo
import analysis_engine.work_tasks.get_celery_app as get_celery_app
import analysis_engine.plot_trading_history as plot_trading_history
import analysis_engine.charts as ae_charts
import analysis_engine.iex.extract_df_from_redis as extract_utils
import analysis_engine.show_dataset as show_dataset
import analysis_engine.load_history_dataset_from_file as load_history
import analysis_engine.load_report_dataset_from_file as load_report
import analysis_engine.restore_dataset as restore_dataset
import analysis_engine.work_tasks.prepare_pricing_dataset as prep_dataset
import analysis_engine.api_requests as api_requests
import spylunking.log.setup_logging as log_utils

# Disable celery log hijacking
def setup_celery_logging(**kwargs):

log = log_utils.build_colorized_logger(

[docs]def restore_missing_dataset_values_from_algo_ready_file( ticker, path_to_file, redis_address, redis_password, redis_db=ae_consts.REDIS_DB, output_redis_db=None, compress=True, encoding='utf-8', dataset_type=ae_consts.SA_DATASET_TYPE_ALGO_READY, serialize_datasets=ae_consts.DEFAULT_SERIALIZED_DATASETS, show_summary=True): """restore_missing_dataset_values_from_algo_ready_file restore missing dataset nodes in redis from an algorithm-ready dataset file on disk - use this to restore redis from scratch :param ticker: string ticker :param path_to_file: string path to file on disk :param redis_address: redis server endpoint adddress with format ``host:port`` :param redis_password: optional - string password for redis :param redis_db: redis db (default is ``REDIS_DB``) :param output_redis_db: optional - integer for different redis database (default is ``None``) :param compress: contents in algorithm-ready file are compressed (default is ``True``) :param encoding: byte encoding of algorithm-ready file (default is ``utf-8``) :param dataset_type: optional - dataset type (default is ``SA_DATASET_TYPE_ALGO_READY``) :param serialize_datasets: optional - list of dataset names to deserialize in the dataset :param show_summary: optional - show a summary of the algorithm-ready dataset using ``analysis_engine.show_dataset.show_dataset`` (default is ``True``) """ if not os.path.exists(path_to_file): log.error(f'missing file={path_to_file} for restore') return if dataset_type == ae_consts.SA_DATASET_TYPE_ALGO_READY:'restore start - load dataset from file={path_to_file}') else: log.error( 'restore dataset unsupported ' f'type={dataset_type} for file={path_to_file}') return if not output_redis_db: output_redis_db = redis_db restore_dataset.restore_dataset( show_summary=show_summary, path_to_file=path_to_file, compress=compress, encoding=encoding, dataset_type=dataset_type, serialize_datasets=serialize_datasets, redis_address=redis_address, redis_password=redis_password, redis_db=redis_db, redis_output_db=output_redis_db, verbose=False)'restore done - dataset in file={path_to_file}')
# end of restore_missing_dataset_values_from_algo_ready_file
[docs]def examine_dataset_in_file( path_to_file, compress=False, encoding='utf-8', ticker=None, dataset_type=ae_consts.SA_DATASET_TYPE_ALGO_READY, serialize_datasets=ae_consts.DEFAULT_SERIALIZED_DATASETS,): """examine_dataset_in_file Show the internal dataset dictionary structure in dataset file :param path_to_file: path to file :param compress: optional - boolean flag for decompressing the contents of the ``path_to_file`` if necessary (default is ``False`` and algorithms use ``zlib`` for compression) :param encoding: optional - string for data encoding :param ticker: optional - string ticker symbol to verify is in the dataset :param dataset_type: optional - dataset type (default is ``SA_DATASET_TYPE_ALGO_READY``) :param serialize_datasets: optional - list of dataset names to deserialize in the dataset """ if dataset_type == ae_consts.SA_DATASET_TYPE_ALGO_READY:'show start - load dataset from file={path_to_file}') show_dataset.show_dataset( path_to_file=path_to_file, compress=compress, encoding=encoding, dataset_type=dataset_type, serialize_datasets=serialize_datasets)'show done - dataset in file={path_to_file}') elif dataset_type == ae_consts.SA_DATASET_TYPE_TRADING_HISTORY: 'load trading history dataset ' f'from file={path_to_file}') trading_history_dict = load_history.load_history_dataset_from_file( path_to_file=path_to_file, compress=compress, encoding=encoding) history_df = trading_history_dict[ticker] first_date = history_df['date'].iloc[0] end_date = history_df['date'].iloc[-1] title = ( f'Trading History {ticker} for Algo ' f'{trading_history_dict["algo_name"]}\n' f'Backtest dates from {first_date} to {end_date}') xcol = 'date' xlabel = f'Dates vs {trading_history_dict["algo_name"]} values' ylabel = ( 'Algo Values from columns:\n' f'{list(history_df.columns.values)}') df_filter = (history_df['close'] > 0.01) # set default hloc columns: red = 'close' blue = 'low' green = 'high' orange = 'open' 'available columns to plot in dataset: ' f'{ae_consts.ppj(list(history_df.columns.values))}') plot_trading_history.plot_trading_history( title=title, df=history_df, red=red, blue=blue, green=green, orange=orange, date_col=xcol, xlabel=xlabel, ylabel=ylabel, df_filter=df_filter, show_plot=True, dropna_for_all=False) elif dataset_type == ae_consts.SA_DATASET_TYPE_TRADING_REPORT: 'load trading performance report dataset ' f'from file={path_to_file}') trading_report_dict = load_report.load_report_dataset_from_file( path_to_file=path_to_file, compress=compress, encoding=encoding) print(trading_report_dict) else: log.error( f'show unsupported dataset type={dataset_type} ' f'for file={path_to_file}') return
# end of examine_dataset_in_file
[docs]def run_sa_tool(): """run_sa_tool Run buy and sell analysis on a stock to send alerts to subscribed users """ log.debug('start - sa') parser = argparse.ArgumentParser( description=( 'stock analysis tool')) parser.add_argument( '-t', help=( 'ticker'), required=True, dest='ticker') parser.add_argument( '-e', help=( 'file path to extract an ' 'algorithm-ready datasets from redis'), required=False, dest='algo_extract_loc') parser.add_argument( '-l', help=( 'show dataset in this file'), required=False, dest='show_from_file') parser.add_argument( '-H', help=( 'show trading history dataset in this file'), required=False, dest='show_history_from_file') parser.add_argument( '-E', help=( 'show trading performance report dataset in this file'), required=False, dest='show_report_from_file') parser.add_argument( '-L', help=( 'restore an algorithm-ready dataset file back into redis'), required=False, dest='restore_algo_file') parser.add_argument( '-f', help=( 'run in mode: prepare dataset from ' 'redis key or s3 key'), required=False, dest='prepare_mode', action='store_true') parser.add_argument( '-J', help=( 'plot action - after preparing you can use: ' '-J show to open the image (good for debugging)'), required=False, dest='plot_action') parser.add_argument( '-b', help=( 'run a backtest using the dataset in ' 'a file path/s3 key/redis key formats: ' 'file:/opt/sa/tests/datasets/algo/SPY-latest.json or ' 's3://algoready/SPY-latest.json or ' 'redis:SPY-latest'), required=False, dest='backtest_loc') parser.add_argument( '-B', help=( 'optional - broker url for Celery'), required=False, dest='broker_url') parser.add_argument( '-C', help=( 'optional - broker url for Celery'), required=False, dest='backend_url') parser.add_argument( '-w', help=( 'optional - flag for publishing an algorithm job ' 'using Celery to the ae workers'), required=False, dest='run_on_engine', action='store_true') parser.add_argument( '-k', help=( 'optional - s3 access key'), required=False, dest='s3_access_key') parser.add_argument( '-K', help=( 'optional - s3 secret key'), required=False, dest='s3_secret_key') parser.add_argument( '-a', help=( 'optional - s3 address format: <host:port>'), required=False, dest='s3_address') parser.add_argument( '-Z', help=( 'optional - s3 secure: default False'), required=False, dest='s3_secure') parser.add_argument( '-s', help=( 'optional - start date: YYYY-MM-DD'), required=False, dest='start_date') parser.add_argument( '-n', help=( 'optional - end date: YYYY-MM-DD'), required=False, dest='end_date') parser.add_argument( '-u', help=( 'optional - s3 bucket name'), required=False, dest='s3_bucket_name') parser.add_argument( '-G', help=( 'optional - s3 region name'), required=False, dest='s3_region_name') parser.add_argument( '-g', help=( 'Path to a custom algorithm module file ' 'on disk. This module must have a single ' 'class that inherits from: ' '' 'blob/master/' 'analysis_engine/ Additionally you ' 'can find the Example-Minute-Algorithm here: ' '' 'blob/master/analysis_engine/mocks/' ''), required=False, dest='run_algo_in_file') parser.add_argument( '-p', help=( 'optional - s3 bucket/file for trading history'), required=False, dest='algo_history_loc') parser.add_argument( '-o', help=( 'optional - s3 bucket/file for trading performance report'), required=False, dest='algo_report_loc') parser.add_argument( '-r', help=( 'optional - redis_address format: <host:port>'), required=False, dest='redis_address') parser.add_argument( '-R', help=( 'optional - redis and s3 key name'), required=False, dest='keyname') parser.add_argument( '-m', help=( 'optional - redis database number (0 by default)'), required=False, dest='redis_db') parser.add_argument( '-x', help=( 'optional - redis expiration in seconds'), required=False, dest='redis_expire') parser.add_argument( '-z', help=( 'optional - strike price'), required=False, dest='strike') parser.add_argument( '-c', help=( 'optional - algorithm config_file path for setting ' 'up internal algorithm trading strategies and ' 'indicators'), required=False, dest='config_file') parser.add_argument( '-P', help=( 'optional - get pricing data if "1" or "0" disabled'), required=False, dest='get_pricing') parser.add_argument( '-N', help=( 'optional - get news data if "1" or "0" disabled'), required=False, dest='get_news') parser.add_argument( '-O', help=( 'optional - get options data if "1" or "0" disabled'), required=False, dest='get_options') parser.add_argument( '-i', help=( 'optional - ignore column names (comma separated)'), required=False, dest='ignore_columns') parser.add_argument( '-d', help=( 'debug'), required=False, dest='debug', action='store_true') args = parser.parse_args() mode = 'prepare' plot_action = ae_consts.PLOT_ACTION_SHOW ticker = ae_consts.TICKER ticker_id = ae_consts.TICKER_ID ssl_options = ae_consts.SSL_OPTIONS transport_options = ae_consts.TRANSPORT_OPTIONS broker_url = ae_consts.WORKER_BROKER_URL backend_url = ae_consts.WORKER_BACKEND_URL path_to_config_module = ae_consts.WORKER_CELERY_CONFIG_MODULE include_tasks = ae_consts.INCLUDE_TASKS s3_access_key = ae_consts.S3_ACCESS_KEY s3_secret_key = ae_consts.S3_SECRET_KEY s3_region_name = ae_consts.S3_REGION_NAME s3_address = ae_consts.S3_ADDRESS s3_secure = ae_consts.S3_SECURE s3_bucket_name = ae_consts.S3_BUCKET s3_key = ae_consts.S3_KEY redis_address = ae_consts.REDIS_ADDRESS redis_key = ae_consts.REDIS_KEY redis_password = ae_consts.REDIS_PASSWORD redis_db = ae_consts.REDIS_DB redis_expire = ae_consts.REDIS_EXPIRE dataset_type = ae_consts.SA_DATASET_TYPE_ALGO_READY serialize_datasets = ae_consts.DEFAULT_SERIALIZED_DATASETS output_redis_key = None output_s3_bucket = None output_s3_key = None ignore_columns = None compress = False encoding = 'utf-8' slack_enabled = False slack_code_block = False slack_full_width = False verbose = False debug = False redis_serializer = 'json' redis_encoding = 'utf-8' output_redis_key = None output_s3_bucket = None output_s3_key = None s3_enabled = True redis_enabled = True ignore_columns = None debug = False run_on_engine = False show_from_file = None show_history_from_file = None show_report_from_file = None restore_algo_file = None backtest_loc = None use_custom_algo = False algo_history_loc = 's3://algohistory' algo_report_loc = 's3://algoreport' algo_extract_loc = 's3://algoready' use_balance = 5000.0 use_commission = 6.0 auto_fill = True use_start_date = None use_end_date = None use_config_file = None use_name = 'myalgo' if args.ticker: ticker = args.ticker.upper() if args.broker_url: broker_url = args.broker_url if args.backend_url: backend_url = args.backend_url if args.s3_access_key: s3_access_key = args.s3_access_key if args.s3_secret_key: s3_secret_key = args.s3_secret_key if args.s3_region_name: s3_region_name = args.s3_region_name if args.s3_address: s3_address = args.s3_address s3_enabled = True if args.s3_secure: s3_secure = args.s3_secure if args.s3_bucket_name: s3_bucket_name = args.s3_bucket_name if args.keyname: s3_key = args.keyname redis_key = args.keyname if args.redis_address: redis_address = args.redis_address if args.redis_db: redis_db = args.redis_db if args.redis_expire: redis_expire = args.redis_expire if args.prepare_mode: mode = ae_consts.SA_MODE_PREPARE if args.ignore_columns: ignore_columns_org = args.ignore_columns ignore_columns = ignore_columns_org.split(",") if args.plot_action: if str(args.plot_action).lower() == 'show': plot_action = ae_consts.PLOT_ACTION_SHOW elif str(args.plot_action).lower() == 's3': plot_action = ae_consts.PLOT_ACTION_SAVE_TO_S3 elif str(args.plot_action).lower() == 'save': plot_action = ae_consts.PLOT_ACTION_SAVE_AS_FILE else: plot_action = ae_consts.PLOT_ACTION_SHOW log.warning(f'unsupported plot_action: {args.plot_action}') if args.debug: debug = True if args.algo_extract_loc: mode = ae_consts.SA_MODE_EXTRACT if args.show_from_file: show_from_file = args.show_from_file mode = ae_consts.SA_MODE_SHOW_DATASET if args.show_history_from_file: show_history_from_file = args.show_history_from_file mode = ae_consts.SA_MODE_SHOW_HISTORY_DATASET if args.show_report_from_file: show_report_from_file = args.show_report_from_file mode = ae_consts.SA_MODE_SHOW_REPORT_DATASET if args.restore_algo_file: restore_algo_file = args.restore_algo_file mode = ae_consts.SA_MODE_RESTORE_REDIS_DATASET if args.run_algo_in_file: mode = ae_consts.SA_MODE_RUN_ALGO if args.backtest_loc: mode = ae_consts.SA_MODE_RUN_ALGO if args.start_date: try: use_start_date = f'{str(args.start_date)} 00:00:00' datetime.datetime.strptime( args.start_date, ae_consts.COMMON_DATE_FORMAT) except Exception as e: msg = ( 'please use a start date formatted as: ' f'{ae_consts.COMMON_DATE_FORMAT}\n' f'error was: {e}') log.error(msg) sys.exit(1) # end of testing for a valid date # end of args.start_date if args.end_date: try: use_end_date = f'{str(args.end_date)} 00:00:00' datetime.datetime.strptime( args.end_date, ae_consts.COMMON_DATE_FORMAT) except Exception as e: msg = ( 'please use an end date formatted as: ' f'{ae_consts.COMMON_DATE_FORMAT}\n' f'error was: {e}') log.error(msg) sys.exit(1) # end of testing for a valid date # end of args.end_date if args.config_file: use_config_file = args.config_file if not os.path.exists(use_config_file): log.error( f'Failed: unable to find config file: -c {use_config_file}') sys.exit(1) config_dict = None load_from_s3_bucket = None load_from_s3_key = None load_from_redis_key = None load_from_file = None load_compress = False load_publish = True load_config = None report_redis_key = None report_s3_bucket = None report_s3_key = None report_file = None report_compress = False report_publish = True report_config = None history_redis_key = None history_s3_bucket = None history_s3_key = None history_file = None history_compress = False history_publish = True history_config = None extract_redis_key = None extract_s3_bucket = None extract_s3_key = None extract_file = None extract_save_dir = None extract_compress = False extract_publish = True extract_config = None publish_to_slack = False publish_to_s3 = True publish_to_redis = True use_timeseries = 'day' use_trade_strategy = 'count' valid = False required_task = False work = None task_name = None work = {} path_to_tasks = 'analysis_engine.work_tasks' if mode == ae_consts.SA_MODE_PREPARE: task_name = ( f'{path_to_tasks}.' 'prepare_pricing_dataset.prepare_pricing_dataset') work = api_requests.build_prepare_dataset_request() if output_s3_key: work['prepared_s3_key'] = output_s3_key if output_s3_bucket: work['prepared_s3_bucket'] = output_s3_bucket if output_redis_key: work['prepared_redis_key'] = output_redis_key work['ignore_columns'] = ignore_columns valid = True required_task = True elif mode == ae_consts.SA_MODE_EXTRACT: if args.algo_extract_loc: algo_extract_loc = args.algo_extract_loc if ('file:/' not in algo_extract_loc and 's3://' not in algo_extract_loc and 'redis://' not in algo_extract_loc): log.error( 'invalid -e <extract_to_file_or_s3_key_or_redis_key> ' 'specified. please use either: ' '-e file:/opt/sa/tests/datasets/algo/SPY-latest.json or ' '-e s3://algoready/SPY-latest.json or ' '-e redis://SPY-latest') sys.exit(1) if 's3://' in algo_extract_loc: extract_s3_bucket = algo_extract_loc.split('/')[-2] extract_s3_key = algo_extract_loc.split('/')[-1] elif 'redis://' in algo_extract_loc: extract_redis_key = algo_extract_loc.split('/')[-1] elif 'file:/' in algo_extract_loc: extract_file = algo_extract_loc.split(':')[-1] # end of parsing supported transport for loading use_custom_algo = True elif mode == ae_consts.SA_MODE_SHOW_DATASET: examine_dataset_in_file( ticker=ticker, path_to_file=show_from_file) f'done showing {ticker} dataset from file={show_from_file}') sys.exit(0) elif mode == ae_consts.SA_MODE_SHOW_HISTORY_DATASET: examine_dataset_in_file( ticker=ticker, dataset_type=ae_consts.SA_DATASET_TYPE_TRADING_HISTORY, path_to_file=show_history_from_file) f'done showing trading history {ticker} dataset from ' f'file={show_from_file}') sys.exit(0) elif mode == ae_consts.SA_MODE_SHOW_REPORT_DATASET: examine_dataset_in_file( ticker=ticker, dataset_type=ae_consts.SA_DATASET_TYPE_TRADING_REPORT, path_to_file=show_report_from_file) f'done showing trading performance report {ticker} dataset from ' f'file={show_from_file}') sys.exit(0) elif mode == ae_consts.SA_MODE_RESTORE_REDIS_DATASET: restore_missing_dataset_values_from_algo_ready_file( ticker=ticker, path_to_file=restore_algo_file, redis_address=redis_address, redis_password=redis_password, redis_db=redis_db, output_redis_db=redis_db, dataset_type=ae_consts.SA_DATASET_TYPE_ALGO_READY, serialize_datasets=ae_consts.DEFAULT_SERIALIZED_DATASETS) f'done restoring {ticker} dataset from file={restore_algo_file} ' f'into redis_db={redis_db}') sys.exit(0) elif mode == ae_consts.SA_MODE_RUN_ALGO: if args.run_algo_in_file: if not os.path.exists(args.run_algo_in_file): log.error( f'missing algorithm module file: {args.run_algo_in_file}') sys.exit(1) if args.backtest_loc: backtest_loc = args.backtest_loc if ('file:/' not in backtest_loc and 's3://' not in backtest_loc and 'redis://' not in backtest_loc): log.error( 'invalid -b <backtest dataset file> specified. ' f'{backtest_loc} ' 'please use either: ' '-b file:/opt/sa/tests/datasets/algo/SPY-latest.json or ' '-b s3://algoready/SPY-latest.json or ' '-b redis://SPY-latest') sys.exit(1) if 's3://' in backtest_loc: load_from_s3_bucket = backtest_loc.split('/')[-2] load_from_s3_key = backtest_loc.split('/')[-1] elif 'redis://' in backtest_loc: load_from_redis_key = backtest_loc.split('/')[-1] elif 'file:/' in backtest_loc: load_from_file = backtest_loc.split(':')[-1] load_publish = True # end of parsing supported transport - loading an algo-ready if args.algo_history_loc: algo_history_loc = args.algo_history_loc if ('file:/' not in algo_history_loc and 's3://' not in algo_history_loc and 'redis://' not in algo_history_loc): log.error( 'invalid -p <backtest dataset file> specified. ' f'{algo_history_loc} ' 'please use either: ' '-p file:/opt/sa/tests/datasets/algo/SPY-latest.json or ' '-p s3://algoready/SPY-latest.json or ' '-p redis://SPY-latest') sys.exit(1) if 's3://' in algo_history_loc: history_s3_bucket = algo_history_loc.split('/')[-2] history_s3_key = algo_history_loc.split('/')[-1] elif 'redis://' in algo_history_loc: history_redis_key = algo_history_loc.split('/')[-1] elif 'file:/' in algo_history_loc: history_file = algo_history_loc.split(':')[-1] history_publish = True # end of parsing supported transport - trading history if args.algo_report_loc: algo_report_loc = args.algo_report_loc if ('file:/' not in algo_report_loc and 's3://' not in algo_report_loc and 'redis://' not in algo_report_loc): log.error( 'invalid -o <backtest dataset file> specified. ' f'{algo_report_loc} ' 'please use either: ' '-o file:/opt/sa/tests/datasets/algo/SPY-latest.json or ' '-o s3://algoready/SPY-latest.json or ' '-o redis://SPY-latest') sys.exit(1) if 's3://' in algo_report_loc: report_s3_bucket = algo_report_loc.split('/')[-2] report_s3_key = algo_report_loc.split('/')[-1] elif 'redis://' in algo_report_loc: report_redis_key = algo_report_loc.split('/')[-1] elif 'file:/' in algo_report_loc: report_file = algo_report_loc.split(':')[-1] report_publish = True # end of parsing supported transport - trading performance report if args.algo_extract_loc: algo_extract_loc = args.algo_extract_loc if ('file:/' not in algo_extract_loc and 's3://' not in algo_extract_loc and 'redis://' not in algo_extract_loc): log.error( 'invalid -e <backtest dataset file> specified. ' f'{algo_extract_loc} ' 'please use either: ' '-e file:/opt/sa/tests/datasets/algo/SPY-latest.json or ' '-e s3://algoready/SPY-latest.json or ' '-e redis://SPY-latest') sys.exit(1) if 's3://' in algo_extract_loc: extract_s3_bucket = algo_extract_loc.split('/')[-2] extract_s3_key = algo_extract_loc.split('/')[-1] elif 'redis://' in algo_extract_loc: extract_redis_key = algo_extract_loc.split('/')[-1] elif 'file:/' in algo_extract_loc: extract_file = algo_extract_loc.split(':')[-1] extract_publish = True # end of parsing supported transport - extract algorithm-ready use_custom_algo = True # end of set up for backtest if use_custom_algo: if args.run_on_engine: run_on_engine = True'starting algo on the engine') else:'starting algo') algo_res = run_custom_algo.run_custom_algo( mod_path=args.run_algo_in_file, ticker=ticker, balance=use_balance, commission=use_commission, start_date=use_start_date, end_date=use_end_date, config_file=use_config_file, name=use_name, auto_fill=auto_fill, config_dict=config_dict, load_from_s3_bucket=load_from_s3_bucket, load_from_s3_key=load_from_s3_key, load_from_redis_key=load_from_redis_key, load_from_file=load_from_file, load_compress=load_compress, load_publish=load_publish, load_config=load_config, report_redis_key=report_redis_key, report_s3_bucket=report_s3_bucket, report_s3_key=report_s3_key, report_file=report_file, report_compress=report_compress, report_publish=report_publish, report_config=report_config, history_redis_key=history_redis_key, history_s3_bucket=history_s3_bucket, history_s3_key=history_s3_key, history_file=history_file, history_compress=history_compress, history_publish=history_publish, history_config=history_config, extract_redis_key=extract_redis_key, extract_s3_bucket=extract_s3_bucket, extract_s3_key=extract_s3_key, extract_file=extract_file, extract_save_dir=extract_save_dir, extract_compress=extract_compress, extract_publish=extract_publish, extract_config=extract_config, publish_to_slack=publish_to_slack, publish_to_s3=publish_to_s3, publish_to_redis=publish_to_redis, dataset_type=dataset_type, serialize_datasets=serialize_datasets, compress=compress, encoding=encoding, redis_enabled=redis_enabled, redis_key=redis_key, redis_address=redis_address, redis_db=redis_db, redis_password=redis_password, redis_expire=redis_expire, redis_serializer=redis_serializer, redis_encoding=redis_encoding, s3_enabled=s3_enabled, s3_key=s3_key, s3_address=s3_address, s3_bucket=s3_bucket_name, s3_access_key=s3_access_key, s3_secret_key=s3_secret_key, s3_region_name=s3_region_name, s3_secure=s3_secure, slack_enabled=slack_enabled, slack_code_block=slack_code_block, slack_full_width=slack_full_width, dataset_publish_extract=extract_publish, dataset_publish_history=history_publish, dataset_publish_report=report_publish, run_on_engine=run_on_engine, auth_url=broker_url, backend_url=backend_url, include_tasks=include_tasks, ssl_options=ssl_options, transport_options=transport_options, path_to_config_module=path_to_config_module, timeseries=use_timeseries, trade_strategy=use_trade_strategy, verbose=verbose) show_label = f'{use_name}' show_extract = f'{algo_extract_loc}' show_history = f'{algo_history_loc}' show_report = f'{algo_report_loc}' base_label = ( f'load={args.run_algo_in_file} extract={show_extract} ' f'history={show_history} report={show_report}') show_label = ( f'{ticker} running in engine ' f'''task_id={algo_res['rec'].get( 'task_id', 'missing-task-id')} {base_label}''') if not run_on_engine: algo_trade_history_recs = algo_res['rec'].get( 'history', []) show_label = ( f'{ticker}{use_name} {base_label} ' f'trade_history_len={len(algo_trade_history_recs)}') if args.debug:'algo_res={algo_res}') if algo_res['status'] == ae_consts.SUCCESS: f'{ae_consts.get_status(status=algo_res["status"])} - ' f'done running {show_label}') else: log.error( f'{ae_consts.get_status(status=algo_res["status"])} - ' f'done running {show_label}') else: if algo_res['status'] == ae_consts.SUCCESS: f'{ae_consts.get_status(status=algo_res["status"])} - ' f'done running {show_label}') else: log.error( f'run_custom_algo returned error: {algo_res["err"]}') sys.exit(1) # end of running the custom algo handler if mode == ae_consts.SA_MODE_EXTRACT:'done extracting dataset - {ticker}') elif mode == ae_consts.SA_MODE_RUN_ALGO:'done running algo - {ticker}') sys.exit(0) # end of handling mode-specific arg assignments # sanity checking the work and task are valid if not valid: log.error( 'usage error: missing a supported mode: ' '-f (for prepare a dataset) ') sys.exit(1) if required_task and not task_name: log.error( 'usage error: missing a supported task_name') sys.exit(1) # end of sanity checks work['ticker'] = ticker work['ticker_id'] = ticker_id work['s3_bucket'] = s3_bucket_name work['s3_key'] = s3_key work['redis_key'] = redis_key work['s3_access_key'] = s3_access_key work['s3_secret_key'] = s3_secret_key work['s3_region_name'] = s3_region_name work['s3_address'] = s3_address work['s3_secure'] = s3_secure work['redis_address'] = redis_address work['redis_password'] = redis_password work['redis_db'] = redis_db work['redis_expire'] = redis_expire work['s3_enabled'] = s3_enabled work['redis_enabled'] = redis_enabled work['debug'] = debug work['label'] = f'ticker={ticker}' task_res = None if ae_consts.is_celery_disabled(): work['celery_disabled'] = True log.debug(f'starting without celery work={ae_consts.ppj(work)}') if mode == ae_consts.SA_MODE_PREPARE: task_res = prep_dataset.prepare_pricing_dataset( work) if debug: f'done - result={ae_consts.ppj(task_res)} task={task_name} ' f'status={ae_consts.get_status(status=task_res["status"])} ' f'err={task_res["err"]} label={work["label"]}') else: f'done - result task={task_name} ' f'status={ae_consts.get_status(status=task_res["status"])} ' f'err={task_res["err"]} label={work["label"]}') if task_res['status'] == ae_consts.SUCCESS: image_res = None label = work['label'] ticker = work['ticker'] if plot_action == ae_consts.PLOT_ACTION_SHOW: 'showing plot') """ minute_key = f'{redis_key}_minute' minute_df_res = build_df.build_df_from_redis( label=label', address=redis_address, db=redis_db, key=minute_key) minute_df = None if ( minute_df_res['status'] == SUCCESS and minute_df_res['rec']['valid_df']): minute_df = minute_df_res['rec']['data'] print(minute_df.columns.values) column_list = [ 'close', 'date' ] """ today_str = '%Y-%m-%d') extract_req = work extract_req['redis_key'] = f'{work["redis_key"]}_minute' extract_status, minute_df = \ extract_utils.extract_minute_dataset( work_dict=work) if extract_status == ae_consts.SUCCESS: f'{label} - ticker={ticker} creating chart ' f'date={today_str}') """ Plot Pricing with the Volume Overlay: """ image_res = ae_charts.plot_overlay_pricing_and_volume( log_label=label, ticker=ticker, date_format=ae_consts.IEX_MINUTE_DATE_FORMAT, df=minute_df, show_plot=True) """ Plot the High-Low-Open-Close Pricing: """ """ image_res = ae_charts.plot_hloc_pricing( log_label=label, ticker=ticker, title=f'{ticker} - Minute Pricing - {today_str}', df=minute_df, show_plot=True) """ """ Plot by custom columns in the DataFrame """ """ column_list = minute_df.columns.values column_list = [ 'date', 'close', 'high', 'low', 'open' ] image_res = ae_charts.plot_df( log_label=label, title='Pricing Title', column_list=column_list, df=minute_df, xcol='date', xlabel='Date', ylabel='Pricing', show_plot=True) """ elif plot_action == ae_consts.PLOT_ACTION_SAVE_TO_S3: 'coming soon - support to save to s3') elif plot_action == ae_consts.PLOT_ACTION_SAVE_AS_FILE: 'coming soon - support to save as file') if image_res: f'{label} show plot - ' f'status={ae_consts.get_status(image_res["status"])} ' f'err={image_res["err"]}') else:'connecting to broker={broker_url} backend={backend_url}') # Get the Celery app app = get_celery_app.get_celery_app( name=__name__, auth_url=broker_url, backend_url=backend_url, path_to_config_module=path_to_config_module, ssl_options=ssl_options, transport_options=transport_options, include_tasks=include_tasks)'calling task={task_name} - work={ae_consts.ppj(work)}') job_id = app.send_task( task_name, (work,))'calling task={task_name} - success job_id={job_id}')
# end of if/else # end of run_sa_tool if __name__ == '__main__': run_sa_tool()