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Holiday detection for US Markets

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import datetime as dt
import as pd_holiday

[docs]class USTradingCalendar( pd_holiday.AbstractHolidayCalendar): """USTradingCalendar""" rules = [ pd_holiday.Holiday( 'NewYearsDay', month=1, day=1, observance=pd_holiday.nearest_workday), pd_holiday.USMartinLutherKingJr, pd_holiday.USPresidentsDay, pd_holiday.GoodFriday, pd_holiday.USMemorialDay, pd_holiday.Holiday( 'USIndependenceDay', month=7, day=4, observance=pd_holiday.nearest_workday), pd_holiday.USLaborDay, pd_holiday.USThanksgivingDay, pd_holiday.Holiday( 'Christmas', month=12, day=25, observance=pd_holiday.nearest_workday) ]
# end of USTradingCalendar
[docs]def get_trading_close_holidays( year=None): """get_trading_close_holidays Get Trading Holidays for the year :param year: optional - year integer """ use_year = year if not use_year: use_year = int(dt.datetime.utcnow().year) inst = USTradingCalendar() return inst.holidays( dt.datetime(use_year-1, 12, 31), dt.datetime(use_year, 12, 31))
# end of get_trading_close_holidays
[docs]def is_holiday( date=None, date_str=None, fmt='%Y-%m-%d'): """is_holiday Determine if the ``date`` is a holiday, if not then determine if today is a holiday. Returns ``True`` if it is a holiday and ``False`` if it is not a holiday in the US Markets. :param date: optional - datetime object object for calling ``get_trading_close_holidays(year=date.year)`` :param date_str: optional - date string formatted with ``fmt`` :param fmt: optional - datetime.strftime formatter """ cal_df = None use_date = dt.datetime.utcnow() if date: use_date = date else: if date_str: use_date = dt.datetime.strptime( date_str, fmt) cal_df = get_trading_close_holidays( year=use_date.year) use_date_str = use_date.strftime(fmt) for d in cal_df.to_list(): if d.strftime(fmt) == use_date_str: return True return False
# end of is_holiday