Source code for analysis_engine.compress_data

Helper for compressing a ``dict`` or ``pandas.DataFrame``

import json
import zlib
import analysis_engine.consts as ae_consts

[docs]def compress_data( data, encoding='utf-8', date_format=None): """compress_data Helper for compressing ``data`` which can be either a ``dict`` or a ``pandas.DataFrame`` objects with zlib. :param data: ``dict`` or ``pandas.DataFrame`` object to compress :param encoding: optional encoding - default is ``utf-8`` :param date_format: optional date format - default is ``None`` """ converted_json = None if ae_consts.is_df(df=data): if date_format: converted_json = data.to_json( orient='records', date_format=date_format) else: converted_json = data.to_json( orient='records') else: converted_json = data converted_str = json.dumps( converted_json).encode( encoding) compressed_str = zlib.compress(converted_str, 9) return compressed_str
# end of compress_data